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Education Coordinator



The Education Coordinator is responsible for the Circle of Winners program, which promotes youth leadership. opportunity, equity, and college readiness. The coordinator will also assist in the development of program curriculum and fundraising activities for the program. The coordinator works directly with teens 13-18 and their families. Additionally, the coordinator provides essential goods or services, gives resources such as food and clothes, financial support, information, encouragement, advocacy, and/or links to opportunities such as jobs or education and training, youth, or family services. Determines eligibility for the program evaluates needs and strengths and assists in meeting immediate and future requirements


Program Delivery

  • Manages all aspects of the Circle of Winners program for the youth.
  • Developing service plans with attainable goals and actions completion involving deadlines, milestones, and processes
    Recruit and Interview high school students for the program.
    Mentor current and form students and promote positive character development.

Program Evaluation

Devise evaluation strategies to monitor performance and determine the need for improvements

Discover ways to enhance efficiency and productivity of participants.

Prepare reports to determine progress and issues.

Ensure program operations and activities adhere to legal guidelines code of ethics and internal policies.

Keep senior management informed with detailed and accurate reports.


Associates’ degree/Bachelors of Social Work preferred.

Bi-Linqual (English/Spanish) preferred

Thorough understanding of project/program management techniques and methods

Excellent Knowledge of performance evaluation techniques and key metrics

Working knowledge of MS office and program management software

Excellent organizational and communication skills

An analytical mindset with great problem-solving abilities

Offering a Hand Up

Work Hours and Location and Salary

Part-time position with an hourly rate of $17 based on skills and experience. Most work hours will be during the daytime T-F 8:30 am to 3:30 pm, with some evening hours and weekends required, as needed to assist with evening/weekend activities. The office location will be at 1600 Circle Park Blvd, Fort Worth, Tx 76164.


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