Senior Saturdays

Did you know that through our Good Work's initiative, NICA offers Senior Saturdays?

In Texas, about 845,776 seniors are at risk of being hungry. In the United States, Texas has the fourth-highest number of seniors who go to bed hungry. Hunger affects older Americans for a variety of reasons, including immobility, health concerns, high drug costs, and fixed incomes. Longer life spans and an aging baby boomer generation will result in a considerable increase in the number of seniors battling hunger over the next decades.

Because there is such a huge need in the neighborhood, NICA's Good Works Program was created to provide supplementary support to seniors and the disabled who live on the Northside.

Call today to reserve your spot a case manager would be happy to hear from you. 817-626-1102

Senior Saturday

Short Video of a Saturday at NICA


Northside residents speak out against redistricting of Panther Island

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  • Computer Class Review

I would like to thank NICA for providing their computer training class.

I was clueless and intimidated by computers. I had made it a point to ignore them as in my field I didn't think it was important. I was a proud pen and paper operator. 

What a mistake. realized i needed to get with the program. saw the offer by nica, how could I ignore a very important thing like computer training? humberto is very knowledgeable in this field. was very patient, and supportive. i decided if i was going to succeed in progressing with the training, i needed to purchase a computer. humberto went with me to advice me on what to get. I still have a lot to learn, but at least i'm on the train. I feel this was a very valuable experience. More people should take advantage of this. thanks NICA and thank you Humberto for your patience.