About Circle of Winners

In a survey of the Northside community's needs, it was shown that many parents feared their children would not be able to attend college, resulting in limited opportunities. In 2004, Northside Inter-Community Agency (NICA) launched the Circle of Winners program in response to this need.

The initiative is aimed to attract teenagers (aged 13 to 17) who have opted to attend college but may lack the financial resources to do so. The Circle of Winners program instructs goal-oriented adolescents in the complexities of selecting a college or trade school. Applying for loans, grants, scholarships, and completing a college or vocational program.


Participants in Circle of Winners act as influential role models for younger students. As they assist these students with their schoolwork, they also encourage younger students to view college or vocational school as an attainable goal and the next logical step after high school for a profitable future. In addition, they urge the younger pupils to develop healthy study habits and avoid engaging in harmful or self-destructive behaviors.

In addition to attending and assisting with community events, participants listen to inspiring and instructive speakers.


It has been reported that many students find selecting a college or trade school to be a difficult task.

The Circle of Winners program aims to teach students how to choose a college by exposing them to college campuses and vocational education alternatives. The initiative encourages students to take their futures seriously.

The program addresses the affordability of college or trade school by instructing students on how to find grant, loan, and scholarship funding for college, and by paying students for their time as mentors and active community members ($5.50 goes toward their scholarship and $2.50 towards their stipend). When a student enrolls in a college or vocational school, the money is deposited into a fund to assist them with tuition and other fees.