Computer Classes

NICA is offering free computer training classes in English and Spanish. The computer lab has been outfitted with new laptops and chairs. See photo to the left. Please call us at 817-626-1102 or email if interested.

Good Works


There are approximately 845,776 seniors who are threatened by hunger in Texas. Texas ranks fourth-highest in the number of seniors who go to bed hungry in the United States. Older Americans are prone to hunger for a number of reasons, including immobility, health issues, the high cost of medication and fixed incomes. Longer life expectancies and an aging baby boomer population means the number of seniors facing hunger is expected to increase

significantly in the next 20 years. 

Because the need in the community is so great, NICA’s Good Works Program was designed to provide supplemental assistance to seniors, and the disabled living in the Northside community. The program focuses on 4 key areas of need among older and the disabled. 

God’s Hands Home Repair

The God’s Hands Home Repair program hopes to attract volunteers to help seniors and the disabled with much - needed home maintenance and repair. Many seniors, and disabled people suffer unsafe and unhealthy living conditions because they lack the physical ability to repair their own homes, and do not have the financial means to pay someone else to do it. If you are interested in volunteering to help a neighbor in need to repair their home, please contact Betty.